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As per the wide range of products along with services, QuickBooks has covered around 70% of the market and has to solve client’s specific business requirements. QuickBooks is classified as best accounting software which is developed for small-sized business houses and other accounting purposes. Commonly, user may encounter various types of technical errors so as to rectify such type of error just dial a dedicated QuickBooks Support toll-free number and thus calls are routed into a direct queue to our advanced and highly skilled technician hence, QuickBook Support helps in providing swift response frequently less than a minute keeping the software up and functioning is our utmost goal. QuickBooks Customer Support is devoted to every QuickBooks client. We have a long list of proAdvisors sectioning 24/7 for dedicated support. 

What are the newest features included in QuickBooks Desktop 2019?

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 will certainly change in managing financial reports and will relieve down numerous practicalities that all accounting professionals face in their daily life. QuickBooks also focus on latest and best features inbuilt in it which help the accountants and their clients to accomplish their tasks that too with fewer efforts. QB Desktop 2019 software is the updated version from of QuickBooks Desktop 2019. Following are the new features which are accessible in the entire version of windows of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 software:

Ø Multiple-Monitor Support.

Ø Past Due Stamp.

Ø Search in the Chart of Accounts.

Ø Cash Toggle on Reports.

Ø Secure E-mail Support

Ø Stay Logged in Desire

Ø Payroll Liability Flag

Ø Extra Columns for index valuation summary along with inventory stock status reports.

Ø Copy Toggle on Reports.

What you to have look for brief features included in QuickBooks 2019?

Let’s have a brief look on all of these features:-

a.     Multiple-Monitor Support– This feature upgrades the competence for the user though user functioning on it. To enable this feature recognize thrice connected monitors from the menu bar option in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 with choosing view option and then tap ton Switch to Multi-monitor Mode. The keyboard shortcut key for this feature is Ctrl+Alt+M. Hence, each open window in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 will demonstrate a Move Window to Next Monitor button which is located at the top right.

b.    Past Due Stamp– According to this trait, if user resends copies of former due invoices to the customers, this trait helps to clear which are past due. Hence, this feature only displays on examining copying of QuickBooks invoices on the immediate turn of this feature. Following steps are evolved to turn on this trait:-

ü Tap to Create Invoices.

ü Select the Format

ü Choose the Templates

ü Select Edit Templates from the lower Template drop-down menu.

ü Lastly, check the “Print Past Due Stamp”.

c.     Search in the Chart of Accounts– In this feature, user can comfortably find and select a chart of account or sub-account with the assistance of typing an account number, account name or little words of an account name. This feature also includes searching which is quite easier and more convenient than having to scroll through a lengthy chart of account list. Following steps are evolved to turn on this trait:-

Ø Tap to the lists and select the chart of accounts.

Ø Explore using the search box to be found at the left top of the chart of accounts list.

Ø Type any portion of an account name or number.

Ø Tap to search button.

Ø Lastly, you obtained the results.

d.    Cash Toggle on Reports– This feature imply finest toggle display reports between Cash or Accrual basis and is situated on the top left of a displayed report in QuickBooks Desktop. This feature signifies with the simplicity of a click users can toggle displayed reports between Cash or Accrual basis. The ability to view reports in Accrual Basis for decisions and cash basis for tax planning has always been one of ‘QuickBooks’ most desired reporting features.

e.     Secure E-mail Support– This feature involves secure sending of emails from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, MSN along with Windows Live accounts through QuickBooks, thus this trait also enhanced multi-factor Authentication.  Following steps are here how to use this feature-

Ø Tap to menu bar and select Edit option.

Ø Select choices.

Ø Go to send forms and my preferences.

Ø Choose the Webmail option.

Ø Tap to Webmail option.

f.      Stay logged in preference– User can login QuickBooks as they don’t have to input a user id and password. To configure this feature- 

Ø Select manage login settings and tap to select the “Keep user logged in”

Ø Input the login period as options range from twice days to ninety days.

g.     Payroll Liability Flag– This feature contributes the user and the clients to remind of upcoming payroll liability flag. QuickBooks Desktop 2018 exhibits a red reminder badge seven days former to the planned payment date. To use this feature go to payroll taxes situated in the menu bar and then tap to edit payment due dates.

h.    Extra Columns for index valuation summary along with inventory stock status reports It easily contributes to add or remove columns to our most imperative reports within QuickBooks Premier as well as QuickBooks enterprise. For example barcode scanner every time user needs to scan any item, user does not need to be connected directly to the desktop or laptop.

Few benefits of QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Mobile inventory scanner support is defined as one of the best features appended by QuickBooks 2018 which preserves to save time, reduce human error and make better business decisions by having reliable, real time inventory data, shrink labor cost.

Steps to install and use the application

·       Firstly, user has to install QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse mobile app on the Android device.

·       Subsequently, Wireless connected mobile barcode device or Android phone to the QuickBooks venture with advanced history.

·       Create a vendor record for each warehouse picker and allocate the new vendor type evaluated as Warehouse user.

·       It is mandatory to use latest version of internet explorer to keep some of its features.

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2018

·       Windows7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 along with Windows 10 inclusion of 32 and 64 bits.

·       Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012 R2 or 2016.

·       Acquires 2.4 GHz processor.

·       Recommended 8GB RAM.

·       There should be 2.5 GB free disk space and additional space required for data files.

·       Requires 4x DVD-ROM drive until user downloads from server.

·       Payroll and online features require internet access.

·       Strictly recommended 1Mbps speed.

·       Product registration required.

·       Should be optimized for 1280*1024 screen resolution or higher.

·       Supports one Workstation Monitor, plus to two extended monitors.

·       Optimized for default DPI settings.

Integration with other software

·       Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires office 2010, 2013, 2016 or Office (32 and 64 bit)

·       E-mail estimated invoices and other forms with Microsoft outlook 2010-2016.

·       Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other SMTP supporting e-mail clients.

·       Browser required Internet Explorer 11 (32 bit).